I achieved my Bachelor’s of Science in Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing from the Georgia Institute of Technology. Currently I am pursuing a Master’s of Education in Human Sexuality at Widener University. My time at Georgia Tech combined with informal and formal human sexuality studies over the years has equipped me with the skillset to build a career as a sexual engineer and designer — creating approachable adult games for enhanced intimacy. I believe in teaching through experiences, and providing my audience with the tools to create their own desired outcomes rather than loading them with my personal knowledge.


My products are executed with little to no instructions or directions, leaving the fate of the experience up to the consumer. I take pride in assisting, guiding, and coaching my students rather than directly providing what I may feel are "answers". Additionally, I believe in strengthening one's own self-awareness as a method of understanding others’ experiences and the world at large. Generally speaking, I teach with an emphasis on critical thinking and self-reflection, alongside finding the balance between curiosity and judgement of one’s community. Through creativity and self-actualization, individuals can maximize their human potential and use intimacy skills cultivated from my games to enhance all aspects of their life.


One’s experiences shape their ideologies and as we evolve, so do our belief systems (if we allow them to). In respect to my own evolution, I choose to lean towards eclecticism as an educational approach — opting to pull from multiple theories, styles, or ideas to teach in ways that most effectively resonate with my audience. However much of my work mirrors existential and romantic philosophies of education. I’m a sex-positive entrepreneur, which may easily be interpreted as me "being my own boss", but in reality, my consumers are my boss, and I strive each day to improve their experiences and transform their intimate lives through gentle assistance and the creation of safe environments to find their own truths.