• Mickie Woods

It's Ok To Pull Over

This is for the ones being told,

“It's not that big a deal." "Get over it."

and for the ones being asked,

"Why are you so upset?" "When will you move on?"

I'm here to say fuck that and fuck them.

I want you to know that it's ok to hurt. It’s ok to feel down, because who ever said life is supposed to be a smooth ride? You have every right to pain as anyone else. The ones you keep around you during dark times should be the ones helping you get through it, NOT the ones discrediting your pain.

Take however long you need to heal. Happiness isn't linear and neither is healing.

In my own life, I’ve learned to never measure how long I’m allowed to grieve over something/someone and I’ve learned especially never to let someone else do the measuring for me.

It once took me a whole 6 months to get over a guy that I dated for only 1 month. And less than a year later, it took me a whole 2 days to get over a guy I dated for 4 months.

Time is a myth.

As the one who experienced it, only you know just how much it meant to you and fuck anybody on the outside who tries to quantify the pain that YOU are feeling.

Pain is pain, and to every degree, minor to excruciating, it's going to hurt. My advice to you: let it hurt.

No, I’m not saying that depression is a good thing and that you should let your life pass you by. What I’m saying is that nothing in life is perfect, therefore, you will get let down and people/things will disappoint you. I’m telling you that you're allowed to let yourself feel everything. And once it's all said and done, rise. Rise higher than you've ever risen before and then proceed to shit on everyone who put you down, BECAUSE YOU WILL GROW FROM THIS. I PROMISE.

Here’s a scenario: Picture yourself driving on an open road. It begins to rain. Heavy. You reach a long, dark tunnel. You are then presented with the option to either keep driving through the storm or to pull over. You decide to pull over under this tunnel. [Reminder: It’s ok to pull over under this tunnel. Many will recommend you keep driving, but know that you could be putting yourself in danger if driving through storms isn’t your thing.] You will probably start to feel discouraged. You may even start to think that it’s a setback but it’s not.

Just remember: No matter how hard it might rain, it will always stop raining. Whether you feel ready or not to leave your tunnel, the rain will stop and the sun will peak out between the clouds. You will see the light again as the universe welcomes you back to the outside and you will then decide for yourself when to leave from under that tunnel.

But until then, feel free to feel. And don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

Life can be a straight line or it can be full of ups and downs. You, my friend, are living a life of ups and downs and that will forever be something to be proud of. It means you’re living, you’re loving, you’re taking risks, and you’re putting yourself out there. If anything, the ones telling you to get over it are the ones who should be taking notes. -Mickie

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